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Inspiring inquiring young minds

At Peak PrepAcademy, we ignite inquisitive minds through our inquiry focused curriculum.  Throughout our 6-8 course offerings, you will find certain recurring themes that build on the previous grades’ teaching and weave an ever-richer tapestry of knowledge. With a wide variety of extension and support materials to enrich your student’s experience, there is no limit to what your student can achieve.

Outstanding Curriculum

The Peak PrepAcademy curriculum, created by a team of experts, offers our students tried-and-true educational approaches for instruction. Our core subjects provide a rich, rigorous filled educational experience for all students. Lessons integrate information from all disciplines to enrich and connect the student learning experience. Field trips and excursions reinforce what’s learned in the classroom with practical examples.

Bringing Learning to Life

Classes include a rich array of online and offline teaching tools, which include animation, award-winning printed books with beautiful illustrations and narrative, videos, and science materials for hands-on experiments. Wet labs are conducted periodically throughout the school year at targeted locations to ensure students can participate regularly. Lessons are followed by checkmarks for understanding so you can be sure that students have achieved mastery of the lesson before moving on. Built-in planning, progress, and attainment metrics make it easy to ensure that students are on track.

Course Descriptions