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7th Grade Learning Standards

Language Arts
The Language Arts program develops students into effective communicators through a variety of reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities. Language Arts emphasizes basic conversational skills, sentence structure, paragraph building, and strong literature proficiency. Students will continue to build vocabulary and comprehension skills using interpretive logic, drawing conclusions, and identifying literary genres. The literature section includes an introduction to literature through literary types, terminology, methods, and objectives of the study of literature. Students will explore narrative, functional, persuasive, research, and literary response writing using grammar skills, pre-writing activities, and 6-traits of writing. Expository writing will be investigated in-depth at this grade level. Students will continue to develop reading fluency and accuracy at grade level. Comprehension strategies and elements of literature will be explored through narrative, informational, historical, and cultural texts.

Mathematics – Pre-algebra
Students will review arithmetic operations. 7th grade math prepares the students for higher mathematical concepts, solidifies their fundamental math knowledge base, and concentrates on operations with:

+/- integers
Estimation and measurement
Graphs and data analysis
One-step algebraic equations
Geometric properties
Coordinate geometry

Seventh Grade History emphasizes American history from the Civil War through the Great Depression. They study the impact of the Industrial Revolution and imperialism on world events. Topics from American History, World History, Government, Geography, and Economics will be explored.

Students are naturally curious about the world and nature. To sustain this curiosity students will be actively engaged in learning to view the world scientifically through hands-on experience and observation. Students will be encouraged to ask questions about nature and seek the answers, collect, count, and measure things, make observations, organize collections, and discuss findings. Students will explore topics from Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science and build upon science skills acquired in the sixth grade.