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  • Be considerate, courteous and respectful.
  • The tone of the online classroom should be a positive experience between online teachers and students.
  • Inappropriate behavior includes rudeness, back talk, swearing, name-calling, writing on or scratching school property other than workbooks, etc.
  • Students are required to log into and progress through each of their classes weekly. This includes completing work packets as applicable.
  • Students are expected to complete the assignments according to the pacing guides provided.
  • Listen to and follow directions of teachers, administrators, mentors, teacher aides, and other adults in authority.
  • Collaborate with teachers, mentor teachers, and other students.
  • Be organized, and prompt.
  • Keep track of your assignments, and make sure to turn them in close to the due date.
  • Show respect for school property and the property of others.
  • Take care of computers if the school has assigned one.
  • Be responsible for your own learning. Take responsibility for your actions and your success.
  • Get help when you need it.
  • Bring problems and concerns to the attention of an adult.
  • Connect with your teacher and take advantage of the support they have to offer.
  • Contact the teacher before you fall behind in your class or classes, or run into problems.
  • Prepare for tests.
  • Become self-motivated, lifelong independent learners.