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Are you accepting new vendors?

Yes. We are always looking to partner up with vendors who offer wonderful educational choices for our students.

How do I become a vendor?

Complete the Vendor Application.

What does SV and MV mean?

Service Vendor (SV) is a person or facility that provides classes in academic core subjects like math, science, and writing, or tutoring, art/music lessons, physical education classes and other similar instruction.

Material Vendor (MV) is a business that provides curriculum, books, and supplies.

Is there a deadline to submit the vendor application?

No, however many families make their educational choices during the months of December and January for the second semester. 2017-2018 orders are not processed after May 11, 2018.

What are the payment terms?

All vendors must agree to 1) Net 30 payment; 2) Payment is initiated by vendor submitting an invoice; 3) Payments for classes are paid after service is complete, at end of each month.

Do I have to Live Scan fingerprint all of my employees and volunteers (VCI vendors only)?

Yes, you must complete a Live Scan for all employees that may come in contact with students.

Please reach out to the vendor department at with questions!

Here is the Live Scan form.

Click here to find a Live Scan location near you.

I Live Scan fingerprinted with another school/organization, do I need to go through the process again?

It is against the law for schools/organizations to share Live Scan results. Other agencies who you have Live Scanned with previously, can not share this information with us. The information is confidential and is protected by privacy laws.

You can find the Live Scan form in our Vendor Application.

Click here to find a Live Scan location near you.

Where can I get my Live Scan fingerprints processed?

You can find the Live Scan form in our Vendor Application.

Click here to find a Live Scan location near you.

What do I need to provide to show?

  • ORI number; or
  • DOJ clearance gained after completing Live Scan finger printing at a location near you, using the Live Scan Form provided.
  • Custodian of Records authorization document.

How is becoming a DOJ applicant agency a benefit?

First and foremost, this is required by law in order to provide service to our students. Second, the authorization will legally satisfy the Live Scan requirements to be able to serve all the students at Peak Prep Academy!

As a vendor can I work with only one particular family?

To become a vendor with Peak Prep Academy, you will need to make your services/materials available to all interested students as your schedule allows. If you are unable to work with a particular student, please contact our vendor team.